Are now investing in the future: WATER IS LIFE
Wasser ist Leben

Are now investing in the future:

The awareness of sustainable investment grows. The Earth as an obvious source of energy will probably make both ecological philosophy and a necessary growth possible. There are many ways to use geothermal energy. The controversy over water is old and will increase substantially. The future water management will depend on knowledge of the actual achievable occurrence. Decentralized water supply and control of the water network losses are responsible work areas here. These geological opportunities, it is faced with a shortage of raw materials and promoted a principle to be recommended resource protection makes sense to perceive.

These considerations should now be based almost any decision of an investor and business user. A change in thinking and economies is already taken.

Zukunftsweisende Messtechnik

Pros: Trendsetting measurement technology with AS water research

The AS water research GmbH provides reliable as service support in these emerging markets such as Project support in the areas of instrumentation such as drinking water for continuous water supply, water for agriculture, industry and power plants, hot water for power and thermal springs (geothermal energy) and cavity search and provision of underground lines.

These services are not only forward-looking, but partly also unrivaled.

Global für die Zukunft

Global for the future – in the air,
on the ground and at sea

In this new and innovative business sector, the AS water research GmbH scores with excellent, user-related project support.

Our customers are government agencies, local government (civil, soil and water conservation), police, fire, relief organizations, industry and energy utilities, agriculture and forestry, real estate companies, engineering firms, geologists and archaeologists, media companies as well as private and public landowners.


AS water research im Außendienst in Tirana, Albanien.

Geschäftsführer KR Anton Ebner (Bild links) mit den Kooperationpartnern EDG Scanning.

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